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"Hannah has been Personal Training me for almost a year now and has helped me address some issues of posture and general fitness with sensitivity and professionalism, tailoring her style to suit me perfectly.  Despite having osteoporosis, I feel completely safe in her hands and confident in her knowledge of anatomy. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone."

Dr Peter Demian

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"Hannah’s online workout classes gave me the structure, routine, and movement I needed during lockdown whilst working from home.  The online Zoom class means I know my form is being checked and corrections/tips given to both encourage and challenge me! Hannah finds new structures to keep us on our toes and keeps it different every week.  Her energy is both motivating and infectious, even through a phone and laptop screen!!"

Emma Canny

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"Hannah is an excellent Personal Trainer, she knows which buttons to press to get the best out of you.  The weekly exercise routines are designed to push you hard but to be just inside your personal limits.  Simply put – Hannah is Great!!"

Mike Everitt

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"Hannah’s skilled use of Thai Massage has improved the quality of my movement, flexibility, and emotional well-being to such an extent that I have incorporated the treatments into my routine to care for myself and my own mentality.

This is not for the faint hearted, but unlike sports and deep tissue massage Traditional Thai Massage encompasses a much deeper holistic experience and result.

With her exemplary qualifications, listening and sensitivity skills Hannah has nurtured me through two knee replacements and piriformis syndrome to a place of ease within life.  She is highly recommended."

Dorothy Murray

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“I look forward to my sessions each week with Hannah.  She has helped me focus on my technique and the basics so that I have been able to build up my strength across the board.  Not only that but she has made cardio sessions interesting and put the fun back into training.”

Tom Dalby

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"Hannah is an amazing PT, every session I had was fun, I was always greeted with a smiley face and she pushed me to want to do more! When I started with Hannah, I was struggling badly with my knee and I was barely able to bend my knee, do yoga or exercise my knee without having a knee support. After 6 sessions my knee was back in order and I've been happily bounding around since. Hannah really helps you to focus on your technique, she provides clear explanations and lots of support to enable you to achieve your goals. She also had some really good advice with regards to nutrition, despite my initial resistance, Hannah was able to suggest subtle changes to make without being pushy or patronising. Thanks so much Hannah, your amazing keeping spreading your joy!"

Sarah Martindale

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"Hannah is a fabulous Personal Trainer and I have trained with her for a number of years, pre and post hip replacements.  She listens to what you want to achieve and gives you honest and straight forward feedback.  I’ve experienced other PTs who appear to be bored or disinterested.  This is never the case with Hannah.  The downside is that you can’t slack off for a second!  She also gives you homework – things to practice or do between sessions!  Woe betide you if you don’t motivate yourself to get it done!

Hannah is part of my personal team.  She is part of my ‘me’ team.  My ‘me’ team have been selected because they will help me to achieve my goals, will keep me focused and support me on the journey.  Hannah has done a lot of background reading into my personal health conditions.  Knows what is likely to be good but also listens when I say something is too difficult and makes adjustments along the way.  She is focused entirely on me for the whole time we’re working out, checking form, commending my efforts and makes notes on what we need to work on next time.

I have no hesitation in recommending Hannah for Personal Training."

Carolyn Maloney

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