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endorFIT has only recently been established in the last 3 years and it is a business that strives on encouraging people to believe and benefit from the feel good factor in fitness no matter what their level of fitness is by incorporating the values of Exercise, Nutrition and Traditional Thai Massage.  Our business ethos is all about training to maintain a good mind and body connection, exercising to feel good whilst improving your fitness and achieving your goals in the process.  Being physically fit is so much more than just improving the bodies aesthetic appearance, if we have the capacity to use fitness as a tool to improve our mental heath and internal self, then externally the body takes care of itself.  It is an evolving, consistent process of improving your overall state of well-being, improving your physical AND mental strength, taking care of your general health and looking to improve your own process of ageing.

endorFIT believes that exercise should have an element of fun and leave you feeling energised wanting to come back for more.  Exercise is essential to release chemicals called endorphins (we relate to them as little feel good people that run around the body) and these react with receptors in our brain which in turn reduce our perception of pain, hence why so many people feel so alive once they have finished exercising; often tired but good all the same!!

endorFIT encourages long term LIFESTYLE change and the two things come hand in hand.  Fitness is NOT about quick fixes, fad diets, miracle pills & potions, promoting sex, comparing yourself to the person next to you nor is it about doing something that you are not comfortable doing.  No matter what your age, gender, physical limitations or boundaries may be, anything is possible and it my job to work with you and find your spark to get the results you want and need.

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