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A professional yet fun freelance PT service delivered at clients homes or location of choice.  Online training sessions are also currently available and are a great option during this current climate.  Providing advice, encouragement and motivation in order to help individuals achieve their own personal, physical and nutritional goals. 

Focus might be on:

- Mobility & Rehabilitation

- Improving Fitness & Strength

- Weight Loss & Toning Up



We will develop a relationship that you can trust & I promise to support you throughout your journey, ensuring fun is had along the way.


A unique & ancient form of massage that has been an integral part of Traditional Thai Medicine for thousands of years.  A powerful healing art working on pressure points, energy lines & stretching techniques, blending elements of acupressure, reflexology, yoga, physiotherapy & chiropractic adjustments leaving the whole body feeling supple & relaxed yet energised.

Benefits of this treatment include;

- Detoxifies the Mind & Body

- Improves Circulation, Mobility, Flexibility & Alignment

- Alleviates Pain & Helps to Diminish Tension & Stress

- Stimulates Metabolism

- Boosts & Rebalances Energy Levels

A treatment you will not regret having!


Whether it be online or face to face, endorFIT offers a wide range of classes from Wake Up & Stretch and Toning to HIIT sessions and Outdoor Bootcamps.

With Hannah's infectious enthusiasm you will be sure to walk away from these sessions with a smile on your face and sweat on your brow.  No need to motivate yourself, just turn up and she will do the motivating for you.  

It is also a great way to interact with the community and be encouraged by joining in with others to lead a fitter, healthier and happier lifestyle.

Currently endorFIT is holding classes online through a private FB group;

- Monday 7:30am Wake Up & Stretch (30 mins)

- Monday 12pm Lunchtime HIIT (30 mins) 

- Tuesday 12pm Freestyle Fun (30 mins)

Wednesday 10am Tone & Stretch (45 mins)

- Thursday 6pm HIIT (via ZOOM) (45 mins)

Please contact endorFIT for further information if you are interested in this online group that aims to bring like minded people together within the community with a friendly platform used to motivate and encourage one another.

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